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Mao Lin Hui Feng , Beijing

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Welcome to Mao Lin Hui Feng , Beijing ~~~

Hotel Introduction

Mao Lin Hui Feng total area 15,000 square meters, is set in accordance with the four-star accommodation in a standard construction, catering for an integrated business hotel.

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Room and Accommodation
The hotel has 180 rooms in a variety of different types of sets, elegant and stylish interior design, with separate bathroom, central air conditioning, private safe, satellite TV and high-speed Internet access and other modern facilities;
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Maurin Restaurant: Located on the first floor, covers an area of 3,000 square meters, elegant and comfortable environment, which can accommodate 800 people dining, including 28 deluxe package, to undertake weddings, business dinners, family gatherings and other formats banquet.
Function Room: The biggest can accommodate more than 100 people and is equipped with advanced multimedia audio-visual equipment, suitable for meetings, conferences, training and business meetings.
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Mao Lin Hui Feng is located in Haidian District, west of the West Fourth Ring Dinghuiqiao, Fushi Road and Yongding Road at the northeast corner of the intersection, located on the 11th Fushi, 500 meters away from the West Fourth Ring Road, near the city's main thoroughfares West Fourth Ring surrounded by numerous tourist attractions and historical sites. Hotel from the People's Liberation Army General Hospital, Armed Police General Hospital, Air Force General Hospital, Peking University Cancer Hospital, the Second Hospital of aerospace five minutes drive from the Beijing West Railway Station, the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance, the Summer Palace, 10 minutes' drive from Tiananmen Square, Zhongguancun, the Bird's Nest, the central PARTY 20 minutes by car, location, transportation is very convenient.

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