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Oriental Resort , Guangzhou

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Welcome to Oriental Resort , Guangzhou ~~~

Hotel Introduction
Leading a graceful curve along the orbicular Roman colonnade, and the through the elegant gate as the receptionists greeting, we drive on down the mountain road far away from fuss and crowd. There, by Dajinzhong Lake at the foot of White Cloud Mountain, among a light green air, appears before you a magnificent palace—the Oriental Resort, the urban Xanadu.

Culture is the noblest character of luxury. The Oriental Resort blends the designing style of European classicism and post-modernism. By right of the unique landform by the lake and the mountain, it constructs harmony with nature and creates a grand royal atmosphere. Green trees imported from Australia,hundreds of sorts of rare plants,wide field of vision and fresh air,all of these give you the space to feel the beauty of nature。

Both the majestic building and the beautiful scenery are beyond your imagination。 The Oriental Resort has long been a legend for accommodating countless state guests and famous persons. The “red wall” once only opened for the noble is now ready for your experience.
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Room and Accommodation
Nature is the most extravagant joy of luxury. The 265 rooms of the Oriental Resort are distributed among 280 thousand meter squares of greenery landscape. Casually look southward, and the emerald mountains come into sight. View back northward, and the clear splendid vision of Dajinzhong Lake comes into play. Just check into the Oriental Resort, and you can own the biggest green field, no matter you choose a standard room or a spacious comfortable executive suite.

Pines House
The presidential building, Pines House has always been the special places for national paramounts to stay. Surrounding the extraordinarily classed buildings, all kinds of interview rooms, conference chambers, banquet halls are all ready, what’s more, constant temperature swimming pool and separate healthy facilities are well established.

Room size: Max.300m2, Min.30m2;Private garden;It has fifth Luxury and Expensive Presidential Villa in Asia.

Dragon Hall
Dragon Hall has 12 deluxe suites, and is just as a special medium-sized villa for VIP. All the suites have high-standard business facility. Because of the top of the resort, unusual viewing could be gathered in your eyes.

Ripples House
Majesty and warmhearted, decent and pageantry, Ripples House is set up close to Dajinzhong Lake. Overlook the lake popple; respect blue sky and white cloud; it contains delicacy fitment. The building has 14 rooms, just for a legend for accommodating countless state guests.

Tender hills scenery hugs ten exquisite villas whose inner decoration is high-quality and elegant with folk-custom style which can be exampled by the reminiscent fireplace full of primitive but profound charm. The original pieces of folk artwork reflect elegance and nobleness through ancient simplicity, proving an eminent class of life style.

Building Azure
Building Azure is found in hill and water. It contains 165 rooms, such as 104 standard rooms, 53 exclusive rooms and 8 standard suites.7 floors hug all the angles of garden, lake and building styles. Bran-new fashion exclusive rooms and villa will be in sale in 2007.
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Facilities Facilities
Facilities Facilities
Humanity and nature blend and reflect each other in the landscapes.
        Mountain: White Cloud Mountain
        At the back of Guanghzou Oriental Resort, White Cloud Mountain is the first , scenic spot of national 4A grade and national key scenic spot of new " eight scene in Guangzhou ". It is known as first show of Guangzhou from ancient times. 
        White Cloud Mountain is located in the South of our country, belongs to the subtropical climate area, the vegetation kind is quite abundant , there are 876 kinds of various kinds of plants, among them there is rare plant in imminent danger which 5 kinds of countries protect: Goose's palm is seized , the soil manages fragrantly, lowers fragrant yellow wingceltis, oil China fir, big leaf bamboo cypress,etc.. 657 wild plants it in things , a lot of kind has potential economic worth , such as 86 kinds materials seeds, 343 kinds of medical plants, 97 kinds of wild ornamental plant. The green coverage rate of White Cloud Mountain has already been more than 95% at present, the statistics show, there are 2,800 hectares of green coverage in all at present in White Cloud Mountain, can absorb 2800 tons of carbon dioxide every day, lets out 2100 tons of oxygen, the ones that are for nearly 3 million people to breathe normally are used, " city lung " known as Guangzhou (so-called " market lung ").

Lake:Dajinzhong Lake
        Built in 50 ages, the Dajinzhong Lake was just for irrigated farming. But the water is specially from Baiyun Mountain’s spring and crude rain. The flowing water is limpid, sweet and undefiled. LN Garden Resort has the lake uniquely, as only one hotel with water and alp in Guangzhou. Osier wavers by slow wind; ripple is just like shy girl; peachblossom swings between blue sky and pure lake. It’s in LN Garden Resort!

Garden:promenade Garden
        In the 28 km2 area we specially blaze a way in woods. There are hundreds of trees for material and plants for medication. It’s just for honoured guests.

Spring: Greenery Milk Spring
        During the Qing dynasty, Taoist YuanBai arcanely discovered a singing-and-ringing fountain in the green forest of White Cloud Mountain. Wu Rongguang, governor of Hunan province of the time, gave it a name”greenery milk”. It is that the meaning of the Chinese name of the Oriental Resort “the Gurgle Spring Dwelling” comes from. The spring is soft axenic water, whose water is singularly pure.

Building:European Classicism Building
        Villas of Spanish style are lively and warm; Buildings of Italian style are so romantic. Wide sight is villas’ characteristic; nature is Oriental Resort’s “Palace”. The tract of 280 thousand meter squares has inosculated European classicalism and post-modernism.
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LN Garden Resort, by Dajinzhong Lake at the foot of White Cloud Mountain, faces Baiyun International Conference Center; bevel with Guangzhou New Gymnasium; Close to the bus station “BAI YUN GUO JI HUI YI ZHONG XIN”.

Surrounding Sight:Baiyun Mountain, Yunxi Zoology Garden, Guangzhou New Gymnasium, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies.
        ADD: No.1068 Baiyun Road, Guangzhou , China.
        Post Code:510405
        Tel: 8620-86632888 
        Fax: 8620-86630888

Railway Station
        Distance to Guangzhou Railway Station about 7km, about 15min by taxi or by No.850 bus.

East Railway Station
        Distance to Guangzhou Eastern Railway Station about 10km, about 20min by taxi or by No.245 bus and switching to No.263 bus.

        Distance to Guangzhou Baiyun Airport about 26km, about 35min by taxi (RMB100) or take Airport Express (Line 4 or Short Line 8) to Guangyuan Bus Station, about RMB15. Suggestion: take the short line 8 by Airport Express to Guangyuan Bus Station and then take taxi (8min, RMB12) or No.265/805 bus to the station “BAI YUN GUO JI HUI YI ZHONG XIN”.

        There’re Free shuttle buses to Pazhou Complex and Liuhua Complex during Canton Fair.

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