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Firefly Park Resort , Kuala Lumpur

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Welcome to Firefly Park Resort , Kuala Lumpur ~~~

Hotel Introduction

Firefly Park Resort Bukit Belimbing in Kuala Selangor, Malaysia. Is the only place in this region where you can witness the sight of millions of fireflies flashing in synchrony, often referred to as the Eighth Wonder of the World. It is one of the must visit place of interest (POI) in Malaysia. You will be taken on a boat ride along the Selangor River where the fireflies inhibit around the branches of the Berembang trees along the riverbank. Here, up to thousands of fireflies may group together on a tree, beginning their display about one hour after sunset. A really bright display lasts for about two to three hours, continuing at lower levels until dawn
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Room and Accommodation
We are provided tourists with the convenience of those comfortable abodes by erecting chalets along the riverbank that take great pains as to not upset the ecological balance of this nature’s park. It is made of wood, with tastefully designed on stilt above the clear riverine water, which is 2 kilometers away from the surface of the water, as if yourself return to the nature itself.
  • A balcony
  • Living Room
  • Color Television
  • Electronics Kettle
  • Bath Towel
  • Bathroom with Water Heater
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Jetty Sound Platform

Our modern, state-of-the-art jetty is built with a very sturdy floating ramp that accommodates the varying tidal levels of the river. This ensures very safe embarking and disembarking of boat passengers.

Children playground

The children playground is creatively designed which are painted in bright colors have all the necessary safety standards taken into consideration.


For those who love some activities after dinner and belt out your favorite songs in a karaoke can always consider ours that caters to the budget-conscious and promises a night of fun for the whole family or a party of friends.

Conference hall

The conference hall is built for seminars and functions that can accommodate for up to 40 persons, with P.A. system, white board, OHP projector slide and microphone. Tea break can be arranged with prior notice.


Kuala Selangor, as a fishing village is famous for its fresh and cheap seafood. When come to food or meals, we have our very own seafood restaurant with our chef’s homemade recipes. The resort seafood restaurant is enjoying a steady flow of customers, who comprise even Muslim crowd.

Boat Rides
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Near by Attraction
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