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Oaks Shin Osaka , Osaka

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Welcome to Oaks Shin Osaka , Osaka ~~~

Hotel Introduction

Oaks Shin Hotel in Osaka is located in Yodogawa-Ku in Osaka. This deluxe three star hotel of Osaka is the perfect accommodation option both for the leisure as well as for the business travelers. Oaks Shin Hotel in Osaka is located between Osaka and Shin Osaka Station. The hotel is also close to subway and Hankyu Lines.

Oaks Shin Hotel in Osaka offers well appointed guest rooms. There are three types of guests rooms for the customers. They are single room, a twin room and double room. The single rooms are basically suitable for the business travelers, who usually put up in this hotel during business trips. All the rooms of the hotel are decorated in an elegant manner. They have a neat and a stylish look. The rooms have all the basic facilities and services which provide comfort to its guests. The rooms of the hotel have attached private bathrooms. The rooms have writing desk, which is very helpful for the business travelers. The rooms also have other facilities like telephone, television, refrigerator, tea server, brush, bath towel, towel, Japanese Yukata, slippers, body soap, and conditioning. The rooms have large windows and are well ventilated. Various types of lights have been used to illuminate the rooms. Moreover, the hotel offers superb room amenities to its customers.

The Oaks Shin Hotel in Osaka has a very popular restaurant known as the Roger. This restaurant can accommodate 62 guests at a time. The restaurant offer casual sitting arrangement. Some mouthwatering gourmet delights can be enjoyed here. The visitors can order Chinese, Japanese as well as other continental dishes in this restaurant. Lunch and dinner can be ordered here. Moreover, the hotel also has a very popular coffee shop. The Hotel Oaks Shin in Osaka also offers conference facilities to its visitors. Business conferences are regularly held in this venue. Other facilities which can be enjoyed in this celebrated hotel include wake up service facility, laundry as well as some other facilities.

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Room and Accommodation

The room facilities at Oaks Shin Hotel in Osaka are simple and at the same time comfortable. The hotel offers 3 types of guestrooms to its guests. There is a single-bed room for regular travelers. The twin-bed rooms offer cozy environment for a relaxed stay. The last is the double room. The rooms are warmly furnished to provide for your comfortable vacationing experience.

Room facilities at Oaks Shin Hotel in Osaka include a bath and a toilet. A writing desk offers additional functionality for business travelers. Rooms are equipped with a TV and videos may be provided on demand. A refrigerator and tea server are supplied. Other room facilities at Oaks Shin Hotel in Osaka include hair dryer, body soap, conditioning shampoo, toothbrush, razor, towel, Japanese yukata robe and slippers.

There are also additional things available on request and chargeable. You can lend a trouser press or table lamp from the hotel, also a part of room facilities at Oaks Shin Hotel in Osaka. The other services which you can avail for a charge are copying, faxing, massage, and laundry services.

You can request the reception for wake up calls for prior engagements. The rooms are quaint and will remind you of a homely environment. Absence of any excess lavishness also contributes to the simplicity and resemblance to a home environment. The beds are comfortable with padding cushions, ensuring you a good night's sleep. The wide windows are curtained but offer wide beams of sunrays, adding to the freshness of the room.

All in all a vacation in Osaka is made more comfortable and lively by the warm hospitality and relaxing room facilities at Oaks Shin Hotel in Osaka. The simple rooms reflect a quaint and rustic nature, which is becoming increasingly rare in the modern technology guided world. Take a break from the regular, scheduled life to immerse yourself in a relaxing vacation in Osaka with a touch of natural simplicity.

sgl/13.2m2(bed size:97X195cm)
dbl/15.4m2(bed size:140X195cm)
twn/24.5m2(bed size:97X195cm)
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Facilities Facilities
Facilities Facilities

The Oaks Shin is conveniently located in the central region of the city of Osaka. Of the things that make your stay here comfortable, hotel amenities and services at Oaks Shin Hotel in Osaka can be counted foremost.

You can enjoy a quiet and peaceful dinner in either of the hotel restaurant or café. The restaurant Roger offers seating arrangements for 62 guests. The restaurant is quaint with mini chandeliers hanging from the ceilings. The false ceiling and an orthodox seating arrangement add to the charm of the place. The Coffee Shop with its wide windows is always bathed in soft sunlight, creating a tranquil atmosphere. The lively ambience of the café is enhanced by cane sofas and cozy tables.

The function room of the hotel is Oaks Room. This versatile hall can be used to host conferences, training sessions or parties. This wide hall is adorned in the classic Japanese style by wooden minimalist desks and cane chairs. The overhead decorative lighting adds a touch of elegance to the hall.

Hotel amenities and services at Oaks Shin Hotel in Osaka also include a vending machine. There are photocopying facilities offered for the aid of business travelers along with fax machine. A laundry service helps you take your mind off the clothes spoiled through the long journey. A delivery service is present but it caters to domestic needs only.

For the authentic Japanese experience a Yakuta or sleepwear is supplied to you. The hotel amenities and services at Oaks Shin Hotel in Osaka are worth remembering. You will get an experience of staying in simple comforts away from the ultramodern society guided by technology.

An experience of staying at the Oaks Shin on your stay at Osaka will do wonders to reduce the daily stresses and pressure of regular life. If you want a perfect vacationing experience, just check-in into the hotel for a tour of the city and return to your normal life a refreshed person.

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Hotel Oaks Shin-Osaka is located in the Nishinakajima-minamikata station(Stn) square of 1 Station in subway Midosuji line from Shin-Osaka Station of the Shinkansen. You can go to business zone Umeda of the downtown area in 2 Station several minutes.

Oaks Shin is centrally located in Osaka, offering its guests access to major parts of the city as well as the shopping and entertainment districts. The proximity of this hotel to stations provides easy transportation both in the city or any convenient location out of it.

The location of Oaks Shin Hotel in Osaka is right in front of the Nishinakajima-Minamigata station by subway. The hotel is 20 minutes walk from the Shin-Osaka station and 1 minute walk from Minamigata Station on the Hankyu Line. From Kansai International Airport it takes 60 minutes to reach the hotel by bus, while from the Osaka International Airport it is just 25 minutes. You can access the Midosuji subway line which runs north to south or the Hankyu line to take you to either Kyoto or Kobe.

Osaka is the capital of Osaka prefecture and the third largest city of Japan. Located at the mouth of Yodo River on Osaka Bay, this city is the historical commercial capital of the nation and one of the country's major industrial centers and ports.

The location of Oaks Shin Hotel in Osaka offers to the tourists the banks of Yodogawa for scenic views or jogging courses. If you are lucky, you will be able to witness an occasional festival on the riverside.

The business and sightseeing town of Osaka Umeda lies close to the location of Oaks Shin Hotel in Osaka. This business and shopping district hosts three of the city's largest departmental stores namely Hanshin, Hankyu, and Daimaru. There are also several shopping malls present like Diamor Osaka, HEP Five, HEP Navio, and Whity Osaka.

Guests will find it easy to travel the city while based in Oaks Shin. The location of Oaks Shin Hotel in Osaka coupled with its facilities and services make for a wonderful vacationing experience. If you are on your way to Osaka, do not forget to check out the hotel, or you might miss out on a great holiday feel.

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