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The Plaza , Seoul

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Welcome to The Plaza , Seoul ~~~

Hotel Introduction
This hotel reopened as Korea's luxury boutique business hotel in 2010. The newly renovated hotel will feature aesthetic interior designs, impeccable personalized customer service, and ultimate convenience for conducting international business. Ideally located in the heart of downtown Seoul, the hotel is the premier choice for even the most discerning business travelers who pursue both style and convenience.
  • The restaurant offers a International menu.
  • Tall, modern building.
  • Small, modern lobby.
  • The deluxe rooms are approximately 30 square meters, and all the guest rooms have completely renovated recently, and the main design theme of the deluxe room is the vibrant "urban view". Each room features the expansive cityscape form various angles. In particular, the deluxe double room type is accentuated by the bold and unconventional location of the bed. Centered in the middle of the room and facing the window, guests will be pleasantly stunned and captivated with unique viewing experience. And also the all kinds of amenities are provided such as RFID door lock, multi-cable (AV/USB), automated guestroom system (touch pad, automated curtain, and temperature control), HDTV, anti-allergy carpet, personal safe, and bidet. The guest rooms and bathrooms are in exceptional condition.
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Room and Accommodation
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Accommodation Accommodation Accommodation
Accommodation Accommodation Accommodation
Accommodation Accommodation Accommodation

Deluxe Room

The main design theme of our Deluxe Rooms is the vibrant “urban view.”

The twin, double and family type Deluxe Rooms each features the expansive cityscape from various angles.

In particular, the Deluxe Double Room type is accentuated by the bold and unconventional location of the bed.

Centered in the middle of the room and facing the window, guests will be pleasantly stunned and captivated with the unique viewing experience.

Using a symmetrical structure like decalcomania, the Deluxe Twin Room also features the charming and intriguing design element that will enhance the quality of guest experience.

Premier  Suite

The impeccably designed Premier Suite is the optimal choice for business travelers.

With nature-inspired design motif of the wooden furniture and efficient layout, the Premier Suite delivers the utmost style and comfort.

Executive Suite

The studio type Executive Junior Suites are highly exclusive and only two can be found occupying each floor.

Complementing the breathtaking view with warm, soothing colors and a toasty fireplace, the exquisite design and tranquil ambience provides guests with ultimate relaxation.

Residential Suite

The Residential Suite is meticulously designed to make guests feel instantly comfortable in an unfamiliar space.

The distinctive design and practicality served by a joint bedroom and living room are among the many charms of the luxurious suite.

Plaza Suite

The Plaza Suite boasts an appealing ‘subtle glamour’ design concept. Sophisticated yet modest and grandiose yet unimposing, the Plaza & Residential Suite embodies the true spirit of the Plaza.

Royal Suite

The most luxurious suite designed for honored VIP guests is the Royal Suite, which embodies the traditional design concept of The Plaza.

The distinctive decor is based on classic European design and harmonized with the elegant colors and patterns of Asia .

With exquisite and graceful furnishings, the suite is best suited for national VIP guests.

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Bar/Lounge Lobby
Business centre Lobby
Spa Spa
Business centre 

Business Center

Presenting a new proposal for successful business, the Plaza Business Center features a sensuous interior designed by the world renowned designer, Guido Ciompi, and exceptional systematic business support services.

The latest facilities offers meeting rooms of various sizes to accommodate four to a maximum of twenty guests, and provides a wide array of services that enable business persons to conduct their work with the utmost comfort and convenience.

  • Large Conference room :A large conference room providing cutting-edge equipments and a beautiful city view.  Capacity: 18 people
  • Medium Conference room :A medium sized conference room equipped with a separate reception area.  Capacity: 8-12 people
  • Small Conference room :A small-scale conference room in the form


Plaza Spa Club is a haven for luxury medical spa in the middle of the city.

With a wide array of spa treatments and medical consultations, it enables you to find an oasis in the busy, hectic city life.

Plaza Spa Club offers seven specialized spa rooms such as Balance Room (Spa Suite), Vichy Room, Medical Room and Couple Room.

Balance room in particular is equipped with a private powder room, therapeutic hydro bath and a private lounge to provide the ultimate privacy and luxury.

Natural elements such as woods, stones, plants invites you to the world of nature and harmony.

With the view of Seoul in full view, it is also provides a unique space of contemplation and meditation.

Loaction:15th and 16th Floors of the Annex of THE PLAZA (Hanwha Bldg.)

Operating Hours:

  • Open throughout the year, Weekdays 10:00am-10:00pm
  • Sundays and Public Holidays 10:00am-09:00pm 
  • MEDICAL - Mon, Wed, Thu 10:00 ~ 18:00


Overlooking the heart of downtown ,the Seoul Plaza Fitness Club features a spacious health club, a naturally lit swimming pool, an aerobics studio, an indoor golf practice range, a health clinic and sauna facilities and lounges for both men and women.

Loaction :15th to18th Floors of the Annex of THE PLAZA (Hanwha Bldg.)
Operating Hours :Open throughout the year, Weekdays 06:00am~10:00pm / Sundays & Public Holidays 07:00am~09:00pm
Closed:Every 3rd Friday of the month


European-style flower shop Xystum features nature inspired designs that represent flowers and plants in their beautiful simplicities.

Experience a sensational variety of emotional and creative flower.

Xystum in Latin refers to ‘a small trail in a European-style garden’.

Utilizing a simple yet elegant European Naturalism motif, Xystum proposes a natural lifestyle that enhances the vitality of city life.

Operating Hours :Weekdays 09:00 ~ 19:00 / Weekends & Public Holidays 09:00 ~ 18:00

Location :Lower Lobby (LL)  

  • Medium sized lobby
  • 4 lifts
  • Porterage 24 hour
  • Room service 24 hour
  • 1 indoor pool
  • 22 floors
  • Coach parking
  • Car parking
  • Gymnasium
  • Sauna
  • Baby sitting
  • Business centre
  • Disabled facilities
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Eric KayserLoungeMurasaki
TaoyuenTaoyuen StyleThe Seven Square

Tao Yuen

Inspired by the cosmopolitan city of Shanghai, Tao Yuen is one of Seoul’s most renowned traditional restaurants and is proposing a new agenda to their ‘Contemporary Cuisine’.

Using Oil-Free Recipes developed through research for their seafood dishes, Tao Yuen delivers more modern and trendy ‘Healthy Chinese Cuisines’.

With exquisite presentation and continental tastes that delight the senses, Tao Yuen heightens the sophistication level for business and social gatherings.

Operation Hours
Lunch 11:30~14:30
Dinner 18:00~22:00

Capacity :112 Seats (10 Private Dining Rooms)
Location :3F


Experience the essence of Japanese cuisine, Kyoto style Kaiseki at Murasaki, a high-end dining space that embodies the concept of ‘healthy living’ and ‘elegant style’.

A native of Yamatoya that is home to five kaiseki restaurants, Murasaki’s prominent Japanese chef, Minami Hama uses his keen contemporary sense and expert training from a Michelin 3 star restaurant in Japan to upgrade the new menus into Plaza’s signature Japanese Haute Cuisine.
Operation Hours
BREAKFAST 07:00~10:00 (Closed weekends and holidays)
Lunch 11:30~14:30
Dinner 18:00~22:00

Capacity :88 Seats (6 Private Dining Rooms)
Location :3F


Modern and luxurious, the Italian restaurant Tuscany delivers the exquisite flavors of mainland Italy.

The Italian chef showcases sumptuous Tuscan menus like pasta made from organic wheat, a succulent Italian dessert menu, and a seasonal menu prepared with the freshest seasonal ingredients.

With your delicious meal, enjoy the perfect wine recommended by a professional sommelier from a list of over 300 wines, or try the rare, world famous Premium Water.

Operation Hours
Lunch 11:30~14:30
Dinner 18:00~22:00

Capacity :55 Seats (5 Private Dining Rooms)
Location :2F

The Seven Square

Indulge in pure comfort and relaxation at The Seven Square.

With an alluring urban appeal available from the terrace and the exotic scenery of the Infinity pool, the graceful interior has been designed with a soothing concept of ‘nature’ and ‘harmony’.

The Seven Square features fresh Mediterranean-style buffet, sandwiches, spaghetti and a variety of succulent dining menus. All day dining also allows you to stop by anytime to enjoy gourmet coffee extracted by a professional barista or other beverages.

Operation Hours
Buffet Breakfast 06:30~10:00 / Lunch 12:00~14:30 / Dinner 18:00~21:30
On Saturdays, dinner is operated in 2 parts Part1 17:00~19:00 ㅣ Part2 19:30~21:30

Capacity :198 Seats (3 Private Dining Rooms)
Location :2F

The Lounge

Upscale Culture & Entertainment Lounge

Designed by the world’s leading designer, Guido Ciompi, the distinctive two-story structure is a combination of lounge & bar that blends savvy cultural events with delectable menus.

Inspired by the new and trendy salon culture in Europe, the Lounge presents a sophisticated social space as a new trend, featuring luxurious design, cultural events, dessert and tea, cocktail, whiskey, and a variety of menus.

On the lower floor, unique signature cocktail, malt, and whiskey can be enjoyed at the trendy bar, while on the upper floor a tea lounge features gourmet coffee, tea and scrumptious desserts.

Operation Hours
Cafe(Lobby) 09:00~23:00
Bar(Lower Lobby) 17:00~01:00

Capacity :Lobby 99 Seats / Lower Lobby 64 Seats (2 Private Dining Rooms)
Location :Lobby, Lower Lobby

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This hotel is ideally located on City Hall Plaza, in the heart of Seoul and there are famed department stores, foreign trade companies, airline offices, entertainment areas and an easy walk to subway stations. The city hall subway station is connected with this hotel.

  • 58 kms to the airport (incheon)
  • 18 kms to the airport (gimpo)
  • 1 minute walk to the nearest metro station (city hall)
  • 1 km to the nearest station (seoul)
  • 2 minute walk to the nearest bus stop

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