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Oriental Riverside Hotel , Shanghai

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Welcome to Oriental Riverside Hotel , Shanghai ~~~

Hotel Introduction
The Oriental Riverside Hotel of Shanghai International Convention Center is located in the heart of Lujiazui – Shanghai’s Financial and Trade zone, adjacent to the Oriental Pearl TV Tower and facing the multinational styles of architecture along the Bund across the Huangpu River. The hotel opened for business in August 1999, covering the construction area of 110,000 m2. As the new landmark of Shanghai, it was appraised as one of the 10 classic buildings over the 50 years since the founding of the P.R. China. The hotel is easily accessible from all parts of the city with modern transportations and the metro line No.2 is well within reach. The hotel boasts 273 deluxe rooms, restaurants in different styles and diversified recreational and fitness facilities. With the capacity for 3000 persons, the Grand Ballroom on the 7th floor is by far the largest pillar-less multifunctional ballroom in our country. 28 additional meeting rooms in different sizes may meet various conference requirements.
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Room and Accommodation

Room and Accommodation

Presidential suiteThe Oriental Riverside Hotel, located in the International Convention Center, boasts 273 modernized superior rooms and various deluxe suites, with the average area ranging from 36m2 to 440m2. Some are facing the scenic landscape of the multinational styles of architecture along the bund, and some are facing the modern charm of Lu Jiazui. The perfect integration of modern and classic, romantic and simple features has created the most beautiful view in Shanghai, which makes people feel intoxicated. In the spacious and comfortable room, you may enjoy the meticulous service and perfect & handy room facilities, which brings you the comfort and coziness of your home. The specially designed executive floor and the dedicated lounge bar have provided more comprehensive services for executives.

Superior garden view room
Superior river view room
Deluxe river view room
Business river view suite
Executive business suite
Executive VIP suite

In order for you to enjoy comfortable, elegant and prompt room services during your stay at the Oriental Riverside Hotel, we have specially established the 24-hour guest service hotline at extension 9. Should you have any of the following needs, please dial this hotline, and our call center is always at your service.

  1)VIP personalized service
  2)No-smoking room
  3)Broadband Internet access
  4)Electronic safe
  5)Daily newspaper
  6)Turndown services
  7)Laundry/dry cleaning services
  8)Temporary borrowing of various articles from the hotel (multi-functional plug adapter, transformer and ironing board)
  9)Seeking help in case of emergency
10)Shoe shining services
11)Infant care services

We sincerely wish to bring you the warmth of a cozy home, as our services will be with you anytime and anywhere.

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The fitness center with advanced and comprehensive facilities allows you to fully experience the freedom of liveliness and flexibility. Apart from the complete sets of state of the art fitness and sports equipment, it also boasts snooker room, chess & poker room, table tennis room, KTV room and disco ballroom suitable for both the grown up and the young. You may not only have fun in the indoor swimming pool, outdoor tennis court and enjoy the sauna, massage and hair & beauty services, but also display your skill on the mini-golf fairway and the bowling room or stroll along the riverside promenade by the hotel, leaving the tedious business behind and enjoying the beautiful life.

Leisure & Entertainment

·The broad-vision fitness center provides computer-controlled treadmills, bicycles, elliptical fitness cross-trainer and indoor rowers, etc.
·The sauna area includes sauna rooms and steam rooms, as well as hydro-massage pools, etc.
·The indoor heated swimming pool allows you to overlook the beautiful views on both sides of the Huangpu River while swimming.
·The special therapeutic aroma massage service is available either in the guest room or in the fitness center.
·The two tennis courts of international standards situated at the Greenland Center of the Riverside Avenue provide a good option to enjoy sunshine, fresh air and sports.
·The Beauty Salon provides excellent services by offering a wide range of beauty products and professional hairdressing.

Sauna & Massage  
9th floor
Business hours: 06:30-02:00 (the following day)
Fitness and Swimming
9th floor
Business hours: 06:30-23:30
Beauty Salon
9th floor
Business hours: 08:30-20:00
Outdoor Tennis Court (Reservation required)
Business hours: 06:30-23:00
1st floor
Business hours: 08:30-21:30

Business Center
2nd floor
Business hours: 07:00-23:00

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The spherical building in the hotel facing the river houses restaurants of diverse styles, as well as banquet halls and bars of different sizes. While enjoying the Chinese and Western delicacies of extraordinary flavors, you are also presented with a brilliant riverside landscape painting in front of you. The Grand Ballroom on the 7th floor may accommodate 3000-seat large banquets and performances, being such grand scenes acclaimed as the peak of perfection.

DiningRiverside Hall
The Riverside Hall is a 24-hour service restaurant, with Chinese and Western style buffet served in the morning and at noon. The beautiful riverside view comes directly into sight through the arc-shaped down-to-floor windows. Apart from the Chinese and Western style buffet delicacies updated with the seasons, there are also delicious snacks and rich mini-sandwiches of various sorts to choose from, served 24 hours.
  Venue: 1st floor
 Buffet service hours: 07:00-10:00 Chinese  
Western style buffet breakfast 11:30-14:00 Chinese and Western style buffet lunch

Lobby Bar

The Lobby Bar creates a tropical punch, serving coffee, soft drinks, various kinds of alcoholic drinks and snacks. It is an ideal place for business, talk and leisure.
  Venue: 1st floor
  Business hours: 09:00-23:00

DiningTaste of Asia” Restaurants
Adjacent to the riverside avenue, exquisite restaurant atmosphere. serves a wide selection of South Asia flavor such as Thai cuisine, Vietnam cuisine, Singapore cuisine, Chinese cuisine, Japanese cuisine,which brings you the fresh experience of south Asia cuisine.
  Venue: 1st floor
  Business hours: 11:30-14:00 17:30-22:00

DiningBanquet Rooms
The banquet rooms with classic Shanghainese cuisine as main style, also serve Sichuan and Guangdong dishes, which allows you to taste the Chinese delicacies from different types of cuisine, while appreciating the beautiful view of the Huangpu River and the international styles of architecture along the bund.
  Venue: Pujiang Hall on the 4th floor
  Business hours: 11:30-14:00 17:30-22:00s

DiningAsian Hall
 It is a high-end a la carte Chinese restaurant along the bank of the Huangpu River, serving rich and varied Shanghainese cuisine, including fresh seafood in its original flavor. The best quality sea prince abalone delicacy, stewed swallow’s nest, shark’s fin in brown sauce, milk-flavored crab shell, innovative flamed snail dish and stewed pork ball with fish tidbit add color to your luxury banquet.
  Venue: 7th floor
  Business hours: 11:30-14:00      17:30-22:00s

Banquet Hall
The Grand Ballroom and Pearl Hall on the 7th floor and the European Hall on the 5th floor may accommodate 100-3000 seat large banquets, while the Skyline Hall on the 11th floor is surrounded by fully transparent firmament glass, providing the best natural lighting conditions, being the top choice for holding various fashion activities.

DiningCOLOR 1930
the Jazz Bar now presenting you a vivid picture of Life in Old Shanghai and the best performances will be given by our COLOR Band The COLOR Band is consisted of 6 veteran bandsmen who have devoted their lives to the industry for more than 50 years. They are especially good at playing classical music once by Artie Shaw, Glenn Miller and Harry James of their times.
   The relaxed atmosphere complemented with sound melody and dancing music, which give you the reminiscent of Old Shanghai, is likely to tell you the story of city life in the past and at present.
  Venue: 1st floor Riverside Hall
  Performance hours: 19:30---22:00

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Shanghai International Convention Center has always enjoyed high reputation both at home and abroad for its professional and comprehensive activities such as holding large-scale international conferences and business forums. The conference rooms in different sizes and types equipped with advanced and comprehensive conference facilities may meet all your needs. The Grand Ballroom covers an area of 4400square meters, and is by far the biggest pillarless multifunctional ballroom in our country. In addition, the hotel has also established 28 multifunctional conference halls in different sizes and styles, which are all equipped with the most advanced high-tech audio video system and simultaneous interpretation facilities. Moreover, our highly-experienced conference managers may provide you with complete preparation and planning services, so that while enjoying the services with relaxed body and mind, you may have the experience of surmounting the peak of success without taking pains.

  • 1+10 simultaneous interpretation system
  • Philips DCN conference system & chairman unit
  • Channel for A/V signal transmission
  • Audio signal synthesizer & multimedia controller system
  • DLV projector
  • Video/data projector
  • Image visualizer
  • Overhead projector
  • Slide projector
  • Slide to video converter
  • TV monitor
  • Video cassette player
  • Laser pointer

Grand Ballroom
Located on the 7th floor, and covering an area of 4400square meters, the Grand Ballroom can accommodate 4000-seat conference and 3000-seat banquet, and may be divided into 1/2 and 1/4 parts according to different needs.


Located on the 3rd floor, and covering an area of 1200 square meters, the Auditorium has 755 theatre seats, and 8 boxes on the two sides, with the capacity of 138 persons. One 150-inch projector screen is installed on both sides and one 300-inch projector screen in the middle. It is also equipped with 1+10 simultaneous interpretation facilities, movie projector and stage for small-scale performance.

Yellow River Hall
Located on the 3rd floor, and covering an area of 380 square meters, the Yellow River Hall has a ring-shaped conference venue radiating from the center, and is designed with stepped fixed seats, which can accommodate 246 people. It is equipped with one 100-inch projector screen on both sides, 1+10 simultaneous interpretation facilities and movie projector.

meetingHuangpu River Hall
Located on the 9th floor, and covering an area of 380 square meters, the Pujiang Hall has a round-table conference venue with the capacity of 158 seats. The conference facilities are advanced and comprehensive, with 1 speaker identification machine per person on the table. Six 50-inch liquid crystal displays are installed on the top of the center of the conference venue and the venue is also equipped with 1+10 simultaneous interpretation system.

Yangtze River Hall
The Yangtze River Hall is located on the 5th floor with an area of 400 square meters, which is a round theatre style hall. They provide the state-of-art-meeting facilities such as simultaneous interpretation, projector screen, etc.


Pearl Hall
Located on the 7th floor in round shape, and covering an area of 850 square meters, the Pearl Hall is equipped with conference facilities such as simultaneous interpretation system and projector screens, which may be used for various types of activities such as meetings, forums and conferences.



Mandarin Hall
Located on the 1st floor and covering an area of 960 square meters, the Huaxia Hall can accommodate 400 people for various types of activities such as conferences and fashion shows.


Century Hall
Located on the 1st floor and covering an area of 650 square meters, the Century Hall can accommodate 100 people for conferences.


Exhibition Halls I and II
Located on the 1st floor and covering an area of 2090 square meters and 650 square meters respectively. The Exhibition Halls I and II may be used for such activities as exhibitions and displays.

Conference Rooms (3A-3J; 5A-5J)
Twenty 20-100 seat conference rooms at different levels, with the area ranging from 50-100 square meters, are distributed on the 3rd and 5th floor.

VIP Lounge
The conference venues on different floors are equipped with VIP lounges, rooms for tea break, as well as public places for conference participants to have a rest and business talk.

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40min drive from Pudong International Airport, and 25min drive from Hongqiao International Airport

Local Area

Oriental Pearl TV Tower
Situated on the bank of Huangpu River in Pudong, the Oriental Pearl TV Tower ranks the 1st in Asia and the 3rd in the world with its height of 468m. The revolving restaurant in the upper sphere at the height of 267m is the highest revolving restaurant in Asia.

Jinmao Tower
This 88-story skyscraper, the highest in mainland China, is a perfect combination of traditional Chinese architectural style and international high & new technology. The observation deck boasts the height of 340m and the area of 1,400m2, and is by far the highest and biggest observation deck in our country.

Shanghai Ocean Aquarium
With the total construction area of 22,413m2, Shanghai Ocean Aquarium has established 28 large display zones for theme living creatures, showcasing 12,000 ocean and aquatic animals in over 300 varieties from different continents of the world. The aquarium enjoys the leading international level, and is one of the biggest ocean aquariums in Asia.

Bund Sightseeing Tunnel
Located between the Bund at Nanjing East Road in Puxi and Oriental Pearl TV Tower in Lujiazui, Pudong, with a total length of 646.7m, the Bund Sightseeing Tunnel is the 1st cross-river pedestrian tunnel in our country. The different kinds of bizarre colors created by high-tech means inside the tunnel keep changing.

Shanghai Downtown Area

The Bund
The different styles of buildings towered along the Huangpu River, like the contemporary world architecture expo, epitomizes the century-long history of Shanghai. At night, the brilliantly-lit Bund displays its grandeur and magnificence. The Bund has become the landmark symbol of Shanghai.

Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street
With the total length of 5,400m, Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street is the most prosperous shopping street in Shanghai, enjoying the good reputation of the “No.1 Street in China”. The street accommodates not only a batch of old stores recovering their youthful vigor, but also a group of brand new shopping malls. With the integration of shopping, catering, entertainment and sightseeing, it is a nice place for leisure.

Yu Garden 
Located in the bustling old Temple of City God, Yu Garden is a classical garden south of the Yangtze River with a history of over 400 years. Each hall and pavilion, artificial hill and flowing stream represents the quintessence of architectural art of south China garden from Ming and Qing Dynasty, and forms a unique picture featuring “one step, one beauty; every step, every beauty”.

Xin Tian Di
          Adjacent to Huaihai Road in downtown Shanghai, Xin Tian Di has become a fashion, culture and entertainment center by combining the retained brick walls and tile roofs of Shikumen buildings with modern architecture, and it is a general reflection of the Shanghai-style culture. Strolling in Shanghai Xin Tian Di, the elegant touch of old Shanghai seems to come alive, which makes you linger on and forget to return.

Location PuDong District
To Airport To Hong Qiao Airport 18 km
To Pu Dong Airport 40 km
To Railway Station 7km

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