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Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu , Tokyo

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Welcome to Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu , Tokyo ~~~

Hotel Introduction
For the enjoyment of those traveling by air - an entrance to the skies. Unprecedented convenience during your stay at the airport. Being Adjacent to Passenger Terminal 2 of Haneda Airport provides you with a feeling of assurance and comfort. The style is modern, yet functional.

Automated air line check-in machines in the lobby and other services are available, while the relaxing and warmly modern Scandinavian-styled interior allows guests to enjoy the hotel as part of their journey. Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu is there for your needs, from sightseeing to business, with support for early departures and late arrivals, your gateway to Tokyo.
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Room and Accommodation
All rooms, with modern Scandinavian décor, offer you free 24-hour high-speed internet access, the latest flight information on television and at the lobby automated airline check-in machine with Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways for domestic lines. Two quadruple rooms, perfect for families, are available on request. If you prefer subdued colours and textures, there are specially designed ‘Comfort Rooms’ available, with an extended line of specific amenities, like a massage chair for your ultimate experience.
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Bar and Restaurant

Bar and Restaurant

Cafe and Dining Flying Table

Cafe and Dining Flying Table



Meeting Room

Meeting Room

7 aboveground floors

Event room, Self check in machines for airline passengers (JAL/ANA), Flight information

Rental goods

Iron, vase, ice pack, clinical thermometer, extra blankets, solid soap, sewing kit, humidifier, desk lamp, line changer, LAN cable, LAN card, transformer, outlet converter, nail clippers, bottle opener, wine opener, Personal computer (extra charge), printer (extra charge), foot bath (extra charge)

Internet Room

Internet-access LAN ports in all rooms(100 Mbps maximum speed) (VPN compatible, no charge)

Modular jacks in all rooms

To smoothly and efficiently organize your meetings and events, Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu offers a versatile function room that can accommodate up to 40 people. Individual rooms in the Flyer’s Table restaurant are also available to you, for a wide range of events from business meetings to intimate cocktail parties. Whether holding a company strategy session or a celebratory banquet, you can always rely on outstanding personal service in the Japanese tradition. You will enjoy the friendly and attentive service by the specially-trained staff at Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu.


Enjoy Stylish, tasty meals at the only in-hotel, quality restaurant in the airport. The café and dining "FLYER'S TABLE" decorated with the warmth of wood, has seating for approximately 200 people. You can enjoy international and ethnic menus prepared by French chefs. The hotel also has multi-purpose, individual rooms that can be used for meals before departure or after arrivals, as well as for dining and meetings.

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One benefit of staying at an airport hotel is that it offers both convenience and ease. Haneda Airport is very accessible from downtown Tokyo by Keihinkyuko Line, Tokyo Monorail Line and other railway services, as well as airport busses. The Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu, located adjacent to the Passenger Terminal 2 building, is in the best location for an airport hotel. It is convenient for any business in Tokyo, as well as making it easy to get to local amusement parks, sightseeing spots and other areas of interest.

Directly accesses the departure lobby of the Haneda Airport passenger terminal 2.

  • 20 minutes on the Tokyo Monorail from Hamamatsucho station
  • 20 minutes on the Keihin Kyuko line from Shinagawa station
  • 75 minutes (average time) by limousine bus from Narita Airport
  • 120 minutes by train from Narita Airport to Haneda Airport station
  • 70 minutes by car from Narita Airport
  • 40 minutes (average time) by limousine bus from Tokyo station
  • 50 minutes (average time) by limousine bus from Tokyo Disney Resort
  • 20 minutes by car from central Tokyo (Ginza)
  • Nearest interchange: 1minute from Haneda Airport exit on the Shuto Expressway
  • 12 minutes from Airport-west exit on the Shuto Expressway

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