Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why are the air fares shown in Airline websites different from what you quoted?

We offer our customers the lowest fares available at the given time when we check the availability.

2. When I emailed my enquiry, how soon do I get the reply on availability etc?

You will receive our reply within the same business day.

3. How soon must I purchase the ticket if I like what you have offered?

You need to first email us your full names – Family Name / Given Name for us to make the reservation. Once reservation is confirmed, we will email you the latest date for you to purchase the ticket.

4. What if I decide not to purchase the ticket after sending you the names for bookings?

There is no obligation or penalty should you decide not to purchase the tickets. Once the deadline lapses, the reservation will be auto-released from the system

5. After buying the tickets, what if I need to cancel them or make changes to the dates or routing?

Almost all tickets are non-refundable, date and routing cannot be changed.

If you need a flexible condition ticket, do let us know before you make the purchase. Normally, the flexible ticket fares are much higher than restrictive condition tickets.

As such, once you received your tickets from us, please check carefully to ensure that the dates and names are correct.

6. Once I have made the room booking, how long will I get my confirmation and when must I pay?

Once your booking is available, we will email you payment options and instructions with latest date to pay up.

7. What are the cancellation and refund penalty, if any?

It is subject to the cancellation and refund policies imposed by the respective hotel on the concerned booking.

It may vary from hotel to hotel.

8. What is the term PrePay and Pay on Check out?

Prepay meaning you need to pay the room charges to us on confirmation of your booking and not at the hotel.

Pay on Check out means your rooms are booked and confirmed and guaranteed arrival with your credit card. You pay your room charges at your hotel, usually at the end of your stay.

9. What are your payment options?

Bank Transfer to our nominated bank account in China, Wechat or Alipay.

Cash or China Credit Card payment to our offices in Shanghai, Nanjing and Guangzhou.

10. What about Fa Piao (Tax invoices)?

Yes, we issue Fa Piao for all your purchases.